SEVER-1435 on the Serbian railways

In August 2021, after passing the TSI certification, the track-measuring vehicle for technical diagnostics of the railway infrastructure model SEVER-1435, manufactured by TVEMA, was put into operation on the Serbian railway network.

This is one of the first measuring cars of this type in Europe. It is equipped with an updated high-precision track measurement system, capable of inspect at high speed. The innovative development of TVEMA- software “Integral” makes possible the on-line data analysis.

In the near future, the model range of such vehicle will be expanded to a two-section version, and the speed of operation of all diagnostic systems will be increased to 160 km / h.

The nearest delivery of the SEVER to Europe will be carried out to Slovakia (the project was developed by the order of Železnice Slovenskej republiky (Slovak Railways) in the current 2021.