For more than 25 years the Company has been a regular participant of numerous largest international forums and exhibitions in Russia and abroad. These include Non-destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics in Industry NDT LAB, Metrology, Non-destructive Testing, Transport Infrastructure and Track Machines, International Rail Salon EXPO 1520, international exhibitions INNOTRANS (Berlin), IAF (Münster), SIFER (Lille), EurasiaRail  (Istanbul),  IREE (Deli), CRTS Rail Transit and MODERN RAILWAYS (China), etc.

The quality of TVEMA products is invariably confirmed by awards and diplomas of exhibitions and forums in which the Company participates. 


Here is a list of some award-winning equipment:


- PT-7MK track geometry inspection bogie, Winner of the Medal of the international exhibition EXPOZD-2000;
- SPRUT and ECHO-PULSE NDT analyzers, Winners of Diploma and the Gold Medal at the international forum Metrology 2012;
- LDM-1 road-rail NDT inspection laboratory, Winner of Diploma and the Platinum Medal at the international forum Metrology 2012 (at the same exhibition many Company products were awarded with ROSTEST Quality Mark;
- INTEGRAL and MFV diagnostic trains, Winners of The First Place Diplomas at the exhibition Transport Infrastructure and Track Machines 2008-2010.


For innovative developments in the field of diagnostics in 2015, the company was awarded the prize of NP «OPZHT» them. Lebedyansky «For the design innovation.»


In 2012 TVEMA became one of the 50 best diagnostic equipment companies at Chinese market and was awarded with the Diploma and the TOP 50 memorial sign. 

The visitors and organizers of the exhibitions where TVEMA participates often note not only what, but also how the Company demonstrates its products. The design of the Company showcases has been awarded with special exhibition diplomas on numerous occasions.Many times TVEMA products received positive feedback from the government of the Russian Federation and V.V. Putin during his visit to GVC ОАО RZD (Russian Railways) in June 2008 and INTEGRAL diagnostic train in St. Petersburg in October of the same year.


In 2010 and 2015, the Company team was awarded by the President of ОАО RZD (Russian railways) V.I. Yakunin for its substantial contribution to the development and stable operation of ОАО RZD.