Company history

The date of foundation is May 20, 1989.


The Director General is Vladimir Fedorovich Tarabrin, candidate in engineering sciences.


The personnel consists of more than 300 highly qualified specialists who provide independent activity of the company at all stages of the product life cycle: from idea to serial production.


In the spring of 1989, employees of a small private research and production association invested the earned money into their own development of advanced equipment to ensure railway safety. The success in demand of these products that followed soon made it possible for its creators to continue development on several scientific directions. Year after year, overcoming the growth difficulties, the creative backbone of the company was formed, the core team of creative people from several generations and dynasties of employees has been formed. Unique products were created, often not having analogues throughout the world. Annually, one fifth of the company's investment income goes to research and development of innovative projects.


In just thirty years of the company's existence, more than 50 types of various equipment and systems for diagnosing railway infrastructure have been developed and implemented. Today, TVEMA is the only manufacturer in the world that has all kinds of diagnostic tools in the product line and performs all types of work to create, manufacture and maintain these tools.


Our equipment and technologies are now used in more than 30 countries on five continents. Jointly with the leading companies of various countries, more than a dozen large projects have been implemented, many of which have no analogues throughout the world. For example, such projects are the first Russian mobile exhibition and lecture train (MELT) for Russian Railways, a new generation lubrication car, SYNERGY diagnostic complex for the subways, a diagnostic railcar for the Beijing subway, a diagnostic train for the Czech railways. Annually, more than 3,6 million kilometers of railways and subway systems are inspected using our systems and equipment.


For more a quarter of a century, TVEMA has been cooperating with Russian Railways, OJSC and has made many of its developments on the basis of decisions taken by Russian Railways at the direction of the government of the Russian Federation. For example, in 2007-2008, the results of such work were presented to the government of the Russian Federation and V.V. PUTIN by Director General of the company V.F. TARABRIN.


Today, TVEMA is a dynamically developing international holding company with a management company and a high-tech manufacturing base in Moscow, branches in Russia and regional offices opened in Beijing and New Delhi.


Everything that TVEMA has achieved is due to its united and highly professional team. At the same time, the company's development is accompanied by a steady inflow of young specialists. TVEMA regularly involves senior students of specialized Moscow universities to the development, and these students subsequently join the company's personnel and are often promoted to key positions in it.