Company history

Director General – Tarabrin Vladimir Fedorovich.


TVEMA’s staff includes more than 250 highly qualified specialists, who provide independent and self-contained Company’s activity at all stages of the product life cycle, starting from an idea to its implementation and serial production.


Company’s establishment has been a challenge. In 1989 a group of specialists from a small private research and production facility invested all earnings and savings into their own innovative equipment for provision of railway safety.


The customer success of the products that soon followed inspired the designers and enabled them to work simultaneously in several research areas. Year by year, overcoming all growth difficulties, the creative core of the Company was formed. The team of like-minded people emerged comprising several generations and dynasties of the workers. Their joint efforts help TVEMA to ensure and maintain high competitiveness of its products on the market of railway diagnostic systems both in Russia and abroad.


TVEMA had several stages of its development:

I stage – 80-90's – establishment of the Company team, organization of test and production base, entry into the markets of Russia and CIS countries. During this time, the first hardware and software suits were developed for the needs of Russian railways and enterprises, including: VIZINFORM information system for Moscow railway stations; SELECT-UNIVERSAL psychodiagnostic system; training simulator system; multi-channel digital recorder of service calls series TDR; ARMADA magnetic rail inspection system for NDT vehicles; CRUISE ultrasonic logging system for NDT vehicles and railcars; ECHO-T ultrasonic analyzer; the voice annunciator series KRIK; diagnostic system for railcars series ADE-1.

II stage – 2000-2010 – Establishment of the TVEMA Group, opening of the representative office in Ukraine, production development, implementation of the international quality management system ISO 9001, cooperation with JSC RZD (Russian Railways), design, manufacture and supply of unique inspection, measurement and diagnostic systems for provision of safety for the railway infrastructure facilities for the needs of JSC RZD, the Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Minsk  metros. During this years, the Company developed and supplied the following solutions to the business units of ОАО RZD (Russian Railways) and CIS countries: VD-1MT and VD-1MT5K inspection vehicles; self-propelled railcars series MTKP and MFV; INTEGRAL and ATLANT diagnostic trains; road-rail cars series LDM-1; PT-7MK, SPRUT and SKAT inspection bogies, ECHO-PULSE NDT analyzer.

III stage – 2010 till present – Establishment of the Center for Training of Technical Diagnostics Specialists and the Center Responsible for Practical Training on Lean Production, entry into the foreign markets of the railway equipment and cooperation with international companies, opening of the representative office in Germany and PRC, implementation of the international quality management system for railway industry (IRIS), implementation of joint projects with JSC RZD (Russian Railways) and the railways of other countries. During this period, the following solutions were developed and implemented on the railways of Russia and CIS countries: railcars of VD-UMT-1 and VD-UMT-2 series, DECART track geometry measurement vehicles and VIKS overhead line diagnostic vehicle; KAU-V system for automated carriage turn-over accounting; measurement trolleys of PT-10 series. The first Russian SYNERGY-1 and SYNERGY-2 diagnostic trains, and  PT-12 demountable diagnostic complexes for metros was developed and commissioned and nowadays are being successfully operated in subways of Moscow, Baku and Almaty. Having no analogues in the world SPRINTER high-speed inspection vehicle had been developed and successfully set in regular operation; PIONER two sections railcar for work gangs transportation was developed; development of production of quick-assembly modular buildings and composite sleepers is ongoing, and currently these buildings are successfully being used in subways of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku and at the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).

Joint projects implemented:

With JSC RZD (Russian Railways)

- development of the first Russian Mobile Exhibition and Lecture Complex (PVLK);

- development of the track geometry laboratory based on VL11m locomotive;

- development of the rail lubrication vehicle.

With German railways (DB)

- furnishing of German NDT trains with monitoring video systems.

With the German company «Mercedes-Benz Trucks»

- create combined diagnostic lab  MERCEDES-BENZ Unimog.


With the Chinese CSR Plant (a part of CRRC railway Corporation)

- design of diagnostic railcar for the Beijing subway.

At present, TVEMA is a rapidly growing international holding with the management company located in Moscow, five subsidiaries in Russia and representative offices in Germany, PRC, and Ukraine. TVEMA is the global leader in design, manufacture, and distribution of railway inspection, measurement and diagnostic systems for the safety of railway infrastructure facilities.

The scientific, technological, and production potential enables us to develop exclusive and unprecedented products for rail traffic safety. These are diagnostic vehicles and trains for railway infrastructure inspection, railway management systems, stationary rolling stock control systems; mobile laboratories based on various vehicle types, manual and mobile diagnostic systems, etc. All products incorporate the proprietary software.

TVEMA has been cooperating for more than twenty years with JSC RZD (Russian Railways) and designs many of its products based on the decisions of JSC  RZD as directed by the government of the Russian Federation. In 200-2008 the results of this work were presented to the government of the Russian Federation and V.V. PUTIN by the Company General Director V.F. Tarabrin.

At present, TVEMA is the only manufacturer in the world, having in the range of products all kinds of infrastructure diagnostic tools, besides the company products account for almost three thirds of the Russian fleet of mobile diagnostic systems.

TVEMA is also renowned for it non-production activity which is an integral part of the corporate policy.

One of the TVEMA production facilities in Moscow hosts a certified Center for Training of Technical Diagnostics Specialists which provides refresher training, vocational courses, and additional education for the representatives of the railways and industrial plants located in Russia, CIS countries, and further abroad.

TVEMA owes all its achievements to its solid and highly skilled team. In the course of its development the Company is constantly joined by young specialists. TVEMA regularly involves undergraduates of Moscow universities in R&D activities. These students later join the Company team and often play key roles in it.