International cooperation

TVEMA has been conducting its international activity since 2007, after its specialists visited the production site of the Italian company MerMec and have exchanged experience in the development of multi-functional diagnostic complexes for railways with their colleagues. This trip was the starting point for us to subsequently create the first such complex in Russia: INTEGRAL.


Then, to represent the company interests abroad, we have established our representatives in Ukraine, Germany, China, France, India and the Baltic countries. Simultaneously, the company intensified its activity in the markets of the CIS countries. 


Today, more than 350 mobile and more than 3.5 thousand manual and removable diagnostic tools manufactured by TVEMA are operated worldwide. Annually, with their help, more than 3.6 million km of railways and subways are inspected in more than 20 countries on four continents. Our products constitute more than 80% of the Russian fleet of mobile diagnostics tools and almost 50% of the fleet in CIS countries.


The following joint projects have been successfully implemented: 


- in Europe: with the railways of Germany and the Czech Republic, where diagnostic trains are now operating with our systems. Progress is being made to create high-speed diagnostic tools for France and Serbia. 


- in Asia: on the railways of India, Israel, Mongolia and the subways of Beijing and Baku. In particular, the joint project with the Chinese CSR plant, which is a part of the largest CRRC railway corporation, gave a birth to the diagnostic railcar "Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70", which now monitors the railway infrastructure of the Beijing subway.


- in Africa: on the railways of Libya and Guinea.


- in North America: on the railways of USA, where we cooperate with the American Harsco company, with very good prospects for the future.


A distinctive feature of cooperation with foreign partners was providing them with the opportunity to conduct trial testing of the company's equipment under actual conditions of their railways. This makes it possible to show its advantage over competitors and encourage partners to introduce it into the system of railway diagnostics of their countries.


In the combat for prestigious orders, TVEMA is often ahead of such authoritative world manufacturers of diagnostic tools as MerМec, BVSys, DB Systemtechnik, Sperry Rail Service, Rail Depcons.


Proceeding from the fact that the key to success in working with the most complicated diagnostic equipment is qualified personnel, the training center of the company provides services of training such personnel for foreign countries. Dozens of specialists from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Israel, China, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Serbia have already passed their training here.


In 2014, TVEMA joined the International Organization for the Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) as an affiliated company, and the next year a representative meeting of experts from the European countries in the field of diagnostics was held at the company's production facilities. 


Since 2015, the company provides services for rail diagnostics in operating conditions on the railway sections of Estonia and Latvia. Over 2500 kilometers of tracks in these countries have already been inspected.


TVEMA is constantly working to expand the sales markets for its products. Annually, at the request of the management personnel of the railways in Europe and Asia, the international department of the company conducts presentations of our innovations.