International cooperation

Since its inception TVEMA has worked closely with JSC RZD (Russian Railways) - the major railway operator and carrier in the Russian Federation, as well as with railway and subway companies of many foreign countries, and major European and Russian enterprises in the field of development and supply of diagnostic equipment.


The Company maintains leading positions in supplying Russian railways with modern diagnostic equipment (TVEMA’s production accounts for three-quarters of All-Russian fleet of mobile diagnostic tools) and in parallel has become increasingly active at markets of CIS and non-CIS countries (our production accounts for 50% of the Kazakh fleet of mobile diagnostic tools and 40$ of the Ukrainian one. In Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Armenia this rate is 100 %).


Nowadays a lot of railway and subway companies are exploiting more than 350 mobile diagnostic and maintenance tools of various application and more than 3,500 manual and portable diagnostic tools by JSC “Firma TVEMA”. You will find our production on the railways of Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Turkey, Mongolia, China, Libya, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Armenia. Subway railways systems in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Almaty, Baku and Beijing, as well as such leading Russian companies as Gazprom Neft, Likoil, Severstal, North Kuzbass Coal Company Matalloinvest Holding Company, Baikonur and Plesetsk space launch facilities use our systems, tools and equipment.


Careful researches for new technical innovations, product improvement, increasing of supply rate and distribution required the Company in the 2000th to elaborate new approaches to the development of the production and to change the structure. Thus in 2008-2010 commenced work Company’s representatives in Ukraine, Germany and China. In 2009 TVEMA, on Company’s specialized production and maintenance center in Moscow,  non state educational institution of additional vocational training Center for Training of Technical Diagnostics Specialists was opened. Representatives of railways and industrial enterprises of Russia, former Soviet countries and other foreign states come here to improve their qualification and to retrain or to receive additional education.


TVEMA understand, that qualified personnel are success factor of work with sophisticated diagnostic equipment, therefore Company’s training center prepare specialists in technical diagnostics for CIS and non-CIS countries. Over the years at the Center were trained specialists from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Mongolia, Israel, China and Czech Republic.


The outstanding feature of TVEMA’s cooperation with our foreign partners is offering them a possibility to find out more about Company’s innovations in field conditions of their railways and to perform trial operation. For instance, in November 2011 acceptance tests for ASTRA software and hardware complex for automatic analysis of NDT&TD data had been conducted on Russian railways. And early in 2012 first samples of the complex were put into pilot operation in the Moscow Metro and in the diagnostic center of Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznitsa). 
Company’s production is increasingly demanded on foreign markets of Europe and Asia. In December 2011, TVEMA became the first in the history Russian company to win the tender of German railways. Deutsche Bahn AG recognized TVEMA as the winner of the tender for equipping its NDT train with video systems for continuous monitoring of rail heads. Competing for a prestigious order, TVEMA beat off such largest suppliers of diagnostic equipment for the European railway market as MerMec, BVSys and DB Systemtechnik. And currently there are three diagnostic trains, which are both equipped with our systems and successfully operated on the railways of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Joint TVEMA/Chinese CSR Plant (a part of CRRC railway Corporation) pilot project for production of monitoring equipment for railways and subways of China has been progressing well. In 2016 diagnostic railcar for the Beijing subway was produced and successfully commissioned.


Company’s activity on Chinese market is also yielding extremely positive results. Progress continuous on started in 2012 joint TVEMA/ Chinese CSR Plant (a part of CRRC railway Corporation) project for production of monitoring equipment for railways and subways of China. Particularly one of the priority goal of this project – design of automotive railcar for the Beijing subway - had been successfully implemented. In May 2014 foresaid project helped the Company and the partners to beat our American competitors – Sperry Rail Service and Rail Depcons. And nowadays diagnostic railcar “Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70” successfully carries out monitoring of Beijing subways’ railway infrastructure.


Diagnostic systems by TVEMA have proven to be especially advantageous on Israel’s railways. In 2013 particular interest was given to the latest developments of the Company, which had been presented at the 10th International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IIREE) in Deli. And currently arrangement of the supply of diagnostic systems for industrial enterprises, railways and subways of India are being organized.


Testing of TVEMA’s products a broad had become a good tradition. In 2012, the road-rail NDT inspection mobile laboratory was successfully tested in Germany. In June 2013, the NDT-system “ECHO-Complex-2” was efficiently installed and put to the test in Hungary, and the same tests were taken in Poland in May 2014.


Demonstration of our Company’s equipment in a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa had shown its competitive advantages and was successfully implemented into diagnostic systems of foresaid countries’ railroad infrastructure.


TVEMA is working continuously on extending of foreign markets. During 2012 – 2015 presentations of the newest diagnostic systems and equipment were held in Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

Successful experience of practical cooperation between TVEMA and leading German manufacturer of universal unimogs “Mercedes Benz-Trucks” was the prerequisite for design of a diagnostic lab based on the road-rail Unimog vehicle.


Cooperation with railway companies of European countries is ongoing. Progress has also been made towards equipping of self-propelled diagnostic complex for Czech railways with our NDT equipment. Collaborative work of TVEMA and French partners on equipping of French railways’ rolling stock with our high-speed diagnostic equipment is being pursued.


In 2014 JSC “Firma TVEMA” joined Organization for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD) as affiliated enterprise and it was one further step towards greater international collaboration with foreign countries. In 2015 namely TVEMA’s production base became a platform for experts in the field of diagnostic of European countries – OSJD members.


Current tendencies of management systems and international experience show that independence and objectivity of both monitoring and diagnostics results can be achieved merely by differentiation of these process, as well as by means of external technical audit of aforesaid works.


In 2015 TVEMA’s specialists performed continuous monitoring of rails in service conditions on track sections of Latvian and Estonian railways. Our diagnostic equipment checked about 1200 km of track. All diagnostic measurements were held under the service contract for technical audit and within fixed time limit. The contract for the provision of outsourcing services to Baltic states –members of EU has been extended for another 5 years. 


Experience shows, that our interaction with partners in diagnosis leads to a significant improvement of both safety conditions and operation of our partners’ rail infrastructure.