Ladies and Gentlemen,


It gives me great pleasure to introduce you TVEMA company, a leading global firm in producing, manufacturing and distribution of railway security systems.


Founded in 1989, JSC “Firma TVEMA” is dynamically growing international holding, which consists of management company in Moscow, subsidiaries in Russia and regional representative offices in Germany, China and Ukraine. 
Gained over a quarter of a century scientific, technological and production potential enables us to design exclusive, often unique, production for various applications in the area of railway safety – railcars and trains for infrastructure’s diagnostic and maintenance; systems for monitoring of railway track’s sections and rolling stock fixed monitoring systems; systems for inspection of both overhead line’s elements and electronic communication facilities; mobile laboratories, which can be installed on different vehicles; manual and demountable diagnostic tools, etc. Herewith software for our products is an in-house development.


TVEMA’s employees are highly qualified specialist (including six PhDs) in systems engineering, programming, production, advertising and marketing. This guarantees independent and self-contained Company’s activity at all stages of the product life cycle, starting from an idea to its implementation and serial production, sale and after-sale service, repair and upgrading.


TVEMA has been in cooperation with JSC Russian Railways (RZD) for more than two decades. Many of our developments are based on instructions and directives of RZD, which in turn accepts instructions from Russian Government. Over these years a great number of initiated by RZD innovative projects were implemented at our production plant, which complies fully with the requirements of international quality management systems – ISO 9001 and IRIS stands for International Railway Industry Standard.


Nowadays, TVEMA specializes in design, production, and supply of measuring and diagnostic systems for the safety of railway infrastructure facilities. All our products are designed to provide a versatile operation. They can be used both as standalone and integrated solutions to perform one or several types of inspection of various facilities. The systems produced by TVEMA can be mounted on various vehicles including manual diagnostic systems and highly mobile diagnostic trains and laboratories. What makes our products unique is the balanced combination of such key factors praised by the users as modularity, price-quality ratio and simple design.


Today dozens of railway and subway companies across the World operate more than 350 mobile diagnostic and maintenance tools of various application and more than 3,500 manual and portable diagnostic tools by TVEMA. You will find our production on the railways of Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Hungary, Turkey, Mongolia, China, Libya, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Armenia. Subway railways systems in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Almaty, Baku and Beijing, as well as such leading Russian companies as Gazprom Neft, Likoil, Severstal, North Kuzbass Coal Company Matalloinvest Holding Company, Baikonur and Plesetsk space launch facilities use our systems, tools and equipment.


Company’s production is increasingly demanded on foreign markets of Europe and Asia. In December 2011, TVEMA became the first in the history Russian company to win the tender of German railways, and currently there are three diagnostic trains, which are both equipped with our systems and successfully operated on the railways of the Federal Republic of Germany. Joint TVEMA/Chinese CSR Plant (a part of CRRC railway Corporation) pilot project for production of monitoring equipment for railways and subways of China has been progressing well. In 2016 diagnostic railcar for the Beijing subway was produced and successfully commissioned.


Cooperation with railway companies of European countries is ongoing. Progress has also been made towards equipping of self-propelled diagnostic complex for Czech railways with our NDT equipment; contract for the provision of outsourcing services between JSC “Firma TVEMA” and the Baltic States – members of EU has been extended; collaborative work of TVEMA and French partners on equipping of French railways’ rolling stock with our high-speed diagnostic equipment is being pursued.


TVEMA’s production accounts for three-quarters of All-Russian fleet of mobile diagnostic tools, 50% of the Kazakh fleet and 40$ of the Ukrainian one. In Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Armenia this rate is 100 %.


TVEMA’s non-production activities are also noteworthy as an integral part of our corporate policy. One of our production facilities in Moscow is host to a certified Center for Training of Technical Diagnostics Specialists. Representatives of railways and industrial enterprises of Russia, former Soviet countries and other foreign states come here to improve their qualification and to retrain or to receive additional education. Since 2015 the Center Responsible for Practical Training on Lean Production, the first of its kind in Russian rail industry and which is based at the Center for Training of Technical Diagnostic Specialists, had commenced work.


Highly developed product support service and our own personnel training center allow us to provide not only rapid commissioning, but also its further trouble-free operation.


Experience shows, that our interaction with partners in diagnosis leads to a significant improvement of both safety conditions and operation of our partners’ rail infrastructure.


When you make the decision to cooperate with us, you may be sure that operation of your railways becomes more efficient and safe.



Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Tarabrin