JSC FIRMA TVEMA, a private company founded in 1989, is a world leader in the development, production and distribution of systems for the diagnosis of railway infrastructure and is one of the few manufacturers in the world that provide a full range of tools for such diagnostics, and perform all types of work on the creation, production and maintenance of these tools.


The central office, the specialized production and repair, and training centers of the company are located in Moscow, the branches operate in Fryazino, Irkutsk and Chita, and our representatives work in Germany, France, India, China, Ukraine and Estonia.


The company employs about 250 employees, almost half of them are engineers of various specialties.


The production and repair center, having an area of more than 8 thousand square meters, includes approach lines, repair and maintenance workshops, office and laboratory premises, closed and open sites. The center fully meets the requirements of international quality management systems: the total ISO 9001 and the industry IRIS. 


The whole life cycle of products from the idea to practical implementation and after-sales support is performed by the company independently.


TVEMA is specialized in the development, production and delivery of control and measurement and diagnostic systems and complexes to ensure the safety of railway infrastructure facilities for various purposes. Scientific and technical, and production potential of the company makes it possible to create exclusive, often unparalleled, products of various purposes in the field of railway safety. 


Today, dozens of railway companies and subways worldwide operate  over 350 mobile and more than 3500 manual and removable diagnostic tools manufactured by TVEMA. Our innovative products and technologies are successfully operating in more than 20 countries on 4 continents.


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has been cooperating with Russian Railways, OJSC and has made many of its developments on the basis of decisions taken by Russian Railways at the direction of the government of the Russian Federation. Products of the TVEMA brand constitute more than 80% of the all-Russian fleet of mobile diagnostics tools and 50% of the fleet in CIS countries.


It is worth noting individually the non-production activities of the company as an integral part of its corporate policy. For example, there is a certified "Center for the Training of Specialists in Technical Diagnostics" operating in Moscow. Since 2009, more than 5000 representatives of railways and subways of Russia and foreign countries have passed a training here.


The developed technical support service and its own personnel training center make it possible for the company to ensure not only quick commissioning of even the most complicated equipment, but also its further trouble-free operation.  


Deciding to cooperate with us, you may be sure that the operation of the infrastructure facilities of your railway will become more safe and efficient.



Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Tarabrin