Various cars

In addition to the production of diagnostic equipment, TVEMA has launched the production of cars of various modifications for the services of railways and industrial enterprises.




The technology  gives us many design options to perform a variety of inspection, testing and maintenance of railway infrastructure facilities, as well as escorting specialized railway rolling stock. 


Such products are built on the basis of four-axle all-metal passenger and postal-baggage cars manufactured by Tver Carriage Works JSC, and their standard internal layout consists of an operating area, a kitchen area, a crew compartment, a service module with a workshop, a diesel generator set and sanitary-and-hygienic premises with modern equipment. All our cars are equipped with modern life support and fire safety systems and fully comply with the world standards of heat, vibration and noise insulation. This makes them perfect for comfortable and safe work and long-term crew accommodation in standalone environment conditions while performing various tasks.


All cars are designed and manufactured at the company's own production facilities. The cars have many modifications, are certified and best known for highest quality and reliability.


Laboratory cars 61-919 series


This series has many modifications and intended to perform a variety of inspection and testing of railway infrastructure facilities, which helps to assess their current condition and timely eliminate possible malfunctions.


Among them are cars for the following tasks:


- diagnostics of automation, telemechanics and communication devices ("ATLANT" project);


- diagnostics of the overhead line ("VICS-T" project);


- diagnostics of track facilities;


- inspection of artificial facilities (tunnels, bridges and culverts);


- inspections of the environment;


- conducting metrological works;


- overhaul and maintenance of removable diagnostic tools;


- use as an energy source (shunting and energy);


- training of employees of various railway services (OHSE cars) and others.


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has produced about 110 railroad cars of different modifications and purposes on the railways of Russia and CIS countries. 


Railway infrastructure service cars


Rail lubrication cars are intended for lubrication of permanent way curves with a high loading capacity. Rail lubrication car consists of rail-lubricating device with possibility of automatic control from GPS/GLONASS and visual observation system for lubrication process. 


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has produced more than 80 rail lubrication cars on the railways of Russia and CIS countries.


Specialized rolling stock escort cars


They are intended for long-distance escort of specialized railway rolling units as part of a train (such as hopper batchers and dump cars for large-capacity refrigerated containers, etc.), accommodation and provision for maintenance personnel. 


For a quarter of a century, TVEMA has produced about 20 wagons for various purposes on the railways of Russia and CIS countries.




- Individual design and customer tailored equipment of cars .


- Modularity.


- Availability of a combined heating system, which makes it possible to heat the heat-transfer agent in various ways.


- Installation of modern measuring equipment, computers and a wide range of adjustment and repair means, which makes it possible to perform works of any complexity level in the field environment.


- Many modifications of the cars have no analogues throughout the world.


Scope of application


The network of railways and industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation and CIS countries