ОАО Russian Railways (ОАО RZD)


One of the largest railway companies in the world with enormous volume of freight and passenger traffic. The company has high financial ratings, highly killed specialists in all areas of railway transport, profound research and development base, design and production facilities, and significant experience in international cooperation.


Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers


Non-commercial Partnership "Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers" (NP OPZT) was established in June 2007 in Russia by ОАО Russian Railways, ЗАО Transmashholding, ООО Corporate Management Company "Concern "Tractor Plants", and ООО UK "Russian Corporation of Transport Machine Building".


Organization for co-operation between railways


OSJD is an international organization. Main objectives of OSJD include development of international freight and passenger traffic, creation of common railway transport environment in the Eurasian region, higher competitiveness and an increase in transcontinental railway routes as well as promotion of technological progress and technical-scientific cooperation in the field of railway transport. In 2014 Firma TVEMA joined OSJD as merged enterprise.


Federal State-Funded Institution "Certification Register for the Federal Railway Transport" (FBU "RS FZT")


Established in accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Transport of Russia on certification of the railway transport facilities in compliance with the Federal Law "On the Federal Railway Transport". On the basis of FBU "RS FZT", 15 Certification bodies are accredited to certify products, services, quality and production management systems, and environmental management systems. The main line of FBU "RS FZT" activity is confirmation of conformity in the railway transport industry. 


Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznitsa)


The central management body for the public railway transport – State Administration of the Railway Transport of Ukraine, has extensive rights for operation and development of the railway transport. Implements the state target program for development of railway freight and passenger rolling stock.


National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy


АО National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (АО NK "KTZ") is the national railway company of Kazakhstan. Owns the rail network of Kazakhstan.


Belarusian Railway


Belarusian Railway (BZD, Belaruskaya chyhunka, BC) is the state-owned enterprise which reports to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus. The company comprises 85 organizations which have the status of a legal entity and 3 representation offices.


Ulan Bator Railway


Russian-Mongolian joint stock company Ulan Bator Railway. The railway transport account for 80% of all freight and 30% of all passenger transportation in Mongolia. 

Mongolian railway is one of the leading economy sectors of Mongolia. Its operation largely determines the economic growth of the entire country.


SUE “Moscow metropolitan”


State unitary enterprise “Moscow metropolitan”, which was opened on May 15, 1935 is the main public transport of the capital connecting central part of the city with industrial and residential areas. At present Moscow metro carries 56% of the whole number of passengers.




ЗАО Transmashholding is the largest Russian transport engineering company, a global leader of railway engineering for the physical volume of production. Transmashholding is the largest supplier of the rolling stock for ОАО RZD (Russian railways) which is the biggest transport company in the world.


OAO Tver Carriage-building Factory


OAO Tver Carriage-building Factory is the largest Russian producer of various types of main-line passenger carriages. The market share of ОАО TVZ on the Russian market of such products is 95%.




ОАО Kalugaputmash is one of the oldest and leading companies of the track engineering sector in Russia. During many years of its activity the company produced various equipment for construction and repair of railways.


Ryazan Radio-Electronic Company


ЗАО Ryazan Radio-Electronic Company was established in 1991. The company specializes in development and production of radio-electronic equipment for the railway transport.




ОАО VNIIZHT is the main scientific center for the railway industry. The main objective of ОАО VNIIZHT is scientific support for upgrading the manufacturing base of ОАО RZD (Russian Railways).




Design Engineering Bureau was established in 2004. The main line of activity includes development of cost-efficient and advanced microprocessor equipment, new railway automation systems, diagnostic and control equipment, participation in acceptance of automation and telemetry devices, in particular for the high-speed railway sections.




CJSC “VNIKTI” is a daughter company of CJSC “RJD”. The main objective of CJSC “VNIKTI” – is development assistance of railroad transport, improvement of the effectiveness and reliability of work.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques


The Fraunhofer Institute performs its activity under the EU technical programs using the cooperation tool for improving technical systems and production processes, thus increasing competitiveness of its partners in the industrial sector worldwide. TVEMA uses measurement systems of this leading German manufacturer for the development of high-speed inspection systems.


The plant was established in 1963. Today, it is one of the largest machine-building plants in Leningrad region. The main line of activity includes production of bogies for electric trains, passenger, mail, baggage and other types of carriages driven by a locomotive, bogies for freight carriages, windows for electric train carriages, and various assemblies for the railway equipment.