Professional training and methodical support

In the field of railway diagnostics, a wide range of technically complex tools of various manufacturers is used, which makes it particularly important to maintain the knowledge and skills of people working with these tools at the proper level.




For training and retraining of qualified personnel in the maintenance and operation of diagnostic tools, a non-state educational institution of additional vocational training "Center for the Training of Specialists in Technical Diagnostics" has been operating at one of the production sites of TVEMA since 2009. It provides such services as: quick training for crews receiving new equipment and assessing their knowledge; professional development of specialists of different levels; professional retraining; additional training.


The training sessions according to approved programs are held in classes, laboratories and open training areas equipped with modern visual aids and equipment, stands, simulators and computer training programs. This makes it possible to effectively conduct practical and laboratory sessions on mastering the methods of diagnostic tools operation and maintenance. The training uses existing samples of equipment produced by both TVEMA and other manufacturers. The training sessions are taught by highly qualified  lecturers and specialists of our company, as well as representatives of the profile research institutes, design bureaus and the central office of Russian Railways, OJSC.


Training in the Center is conducted in the following areas:


- mobile tools of rails flaw detection;


- flaw detector trolleys (removable flaw detectors, flaw detectors and tack measuring cars);


- decoding of flaw patterns of railway flaw detection tools;


- mobile tools of monitoring the rail track geometry;


- removable tools of monitoring the rail track geometry (track measuring trolleys);


- setting of control and measuring train cars;


- mobile rail lubricating tools.


- mobile tools of complex diagnostics of infrastructure facilities.


- nondestructive testing of rolling stock wheel pairs.


For the management personnel of transport units:


- nondestructive testing of rails




- The company's training center is the only non-state educational institution included by Russian Railways, OJSC into the general system of professional training of personnel for its structures. 


At the moment, more than 7000 specialists in technical diagnostics of Russian Railways, OJSC, industrial enterprises and subways of Russia and foreign countries passed training at the Center.


Methodical support


Methodical and visual aids, simulators, computer training programs, presentation photos and video material, video tutorials from the film library of the company and its product models are widely used in the course of training.


At the end of the training, each participant receives a comprehensive set of methodical and visual aids for work with all types of diagnostic tools and routine maintenance of the railway track.